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Linde is our fifth child to complete our Grow a Reader Program!  She read 1001 books and received her copy of Mo Willems book "Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book."  This reading program is designed to acquaint preschool children with the foundations of reading so they are prepared for learning to read when they reach Kindergarten.


Here is a PICTURE of our first family to complete reading 1000 books! The two children each received a copy of Mo Willems book "Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book" and a beautiful certificate of completion!

Did you know that the average picture book takes five minutes to read?  And three books a day would take only fifteen minutes of your day!  At that rate, in one year, you could read 1095 books to your child.  And that is the goal of our program.

HERE is a great You Tube video about reading to your children.  Please enjoy this brief introduction to the joys of reading to your child!

Our program is open to all children who have not started kindergarten.  Just come to the library and ask for a Grow a Reader reading package.  After you fill your first log with 100 books read, come back for a 100 books sticker and  the next log and so on.  When you reach 1000 books, your child will receive a certificate of completion and a book for your child to keep.

Please click HERE to see our brochure.

There is an App on iTunes for iPhones to keep track of your child's reading called One Thousand Books Before Kindergarten.  Click here to go to their app webpage.

BACKPACKS for PRESCHOOL Early Literacy Concepts are available at our library.  They may be checked out for one week.  Each backpack focuses on a different concept and contains four board books, a DVD, a toy and a whiteboard with a marker.  Click here to see the poster listing all of the different themes for the eight backpacks.

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