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How to Request

Requesting Online:

With a library card, you can request materials online.  Once you log into your account, anything you search can be requested without re-entering your name and barcode. It's important for security reasons to always log out of your account when you are finished. You will be notified when items are ready for you to pick up.

 How to request an item from Merlin:

 1. If your computer security settings are interfering with features in the catalog, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide below to temporarily change settings, while you use the catalog.

2. Before conducting a search, log into your account by typing your name and card number.

3. Once you find an item to request, click on the title to display the full record.

4. Select the "Request" button at the top of the screen.

5. Choose from the drop-down menuwhere you'd like to pick up the item.  Qualified Mail-A-Book patrons who need items mailed choose Northern Waters.

6. Click on "Submit". You will be notified when the item arrives at the library.

How to request multiple items:

1. Log into your account and search the catalog.

2. Once you find an item to request, click on the "Book Cart" button.

3. Continue adding to your cart by clicking the "Book Cart" button associated with the desired item.

4. When you're ready to request all of the items in the cart, choose  the "View Saved" button.

5. Choose the "Multiple Requests" button to view and request items in your cart.

6. Choose from the drop-down menu where you'd like to pick up the items. Qualified Mail-A-Book patrons who need items mailed choose  "Northern Waters".

7. To select from your list the items you want to order, click in the box. Choose "Request Selected" to request the all of the selected items.

8. A Processing Batch Request screen will open up. A "Request Successful" message will display after each title.

9. Click on "Done" to close the screen. You will be notified when the item arrives at the library.

How to cancel a requested item:

1. Click on "Login" to access your record with your name and library card number and then click "submit".

2. Near the bottom of your record, click in the boxes to the left of  the requests you would like to cancel.

3. Click "Update List" to update your changes.

How to change the pickup location for an item you requested: 

(Note: The pickup location cannot be updated when an item is in transit or on the hold shelf.)

1. Click on "Login" to access your record with your name and library  card number and then click "submit".

2. In the "PICKUP LOCATION" column near the bottom of your record, click on the arrow to the right of the library name to view a list of libraries.

3. Click a library where you prefer to pick up the item you requested.

4. Click on the "Update List" button to update your changes.

Troubleshooting Guide:

Refer to this guide if you are having trouble accessing features in your account.

1. Enable pop up windows: In Mozilla click Tools > Options. Select the Content Tab. Un-check "block pop-up     windows" and click OK. In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options. Select the Privacy Tab. Un-check "turn on Pop-up Blocker" and click OK.

2. Disable Browser Privacy: Browser Privacy and Cookie Blocking need to be disabled while you use the catalog. Our catalog and databases do not put any harmful cookies or "spyware" on your machine. On the left side of the Norton Internet Security window, click Privacy Control. Click the Setting For arrow and select the account that you want to change. Click Custom Level. In the Customize Privacy Settings dialog box, un-check the box that says Enable Browser Privacy.

3. To enable Browser privacy after using Merlin: Click "Privacy Control" on the left side of the Norton Internet Security window. Click the "Settings For" arrow and select the account that you want to change. Click "Custom Level". In the Customize Privacy Settings dialog box, check "Enable Browser Privacy".

4. To change the Cookie blocking setting: On the left side of the  Norton Internet Security window, click Privacy Control. Click the Settings For arrow and select the account that you want to change. Click Custom Level. Select None to enable all cookies. You can change the Cookie Blocking back to "High" or "Medium" after you are finished using the catalog.

5. Check your firewall settings: You may need to temporarily disable your firewall to successfully log in. Follow instructions that came with your firewall.

6. Browser compatibility: AOL, WalmartConnect, CompuServe, and other services are often incompatible with the catalog. Use another browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer when accessing the catalog. Double-click the Internet Explorer "e" icon on your desktop or in the Programs menu and type  Your browser will continue to run in the background to keep you connected.